Video: Car Swerves Violently, Rams Railing, Flips Over On New Mumbai Bridge

A video grab of the moment the car rammed the railing and then flipped over

A car swerved violently across the new Mumbai bridge, slammed its railing and then flipped over multiple times before it came to a halt, showed dramatic dashcam footage.

The video, captured by the dashcam on the car behind it, shows the hatchback cutting across lanes and slamming into the railing on Sunday afternoon. The car, travelling to Chirle (a village in Uran taluka of Raigad district), had two women, children in it at the time of the accident. All passengers are reported safe.

The accident took place around 3 pm on the recently inaugurated Atal Setu, which connects south Mumbai with the satellite city of Navi Mumbai.

The six-lane trans-harbour bridge is 21.8 km long with a 16.5 km sea-link.

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