Vaani Kapoor’s Bangalore Food Adventure Sparks Serious Cravings

Indian food has a global fan base, and celebrities are no exception. Whether it is the aromatic spices, flavourful curries, or diverse array of dishes, Indian cuisine has a universal appeal. Celebrities often express their love for Indian food, sharing their culinary adventures on social media, and recently, Vaani Kapoor did just that. She offered her followers a sneak peek into her food escapades in Bangalore through her Instagram stories. In a slide, she showed a delicious bowl of curd rice with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. Accompanying the curd rice was a side of crisp, white papads. “Curd rice for lunch,” she wrote as the caption. 

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Take a look:

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In the next slide, the actress shared a mouthwatering visual of a Chicken Chettinad dish paired with Malabar parotta on her Instagram story. 

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See here:

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Do you share a similar love for Indian cuisine with Vaani Kapoor? Here are some recommended dishes for you to explore.

1. Biryani: 

Biryani is a flavourful and aromatic rice dish made with basmati rice, meat (such as chicken, mutton, or beef), and a blend of spices. It is often garnished with fried onions and served with raita. Check out the recipe here.

2. Butter Chicken:

Butter Chicken is a creamy and indulgent curry made with tender chicken pieces cooked in a tomato-based sauce enriched with butter and cream. It is typically enjoyed with naan or rice. Recipe here.

3. Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature is a North Indian dish featuring spicy chickpea curry (chole) served with deep-fried bread (bhature). Click here for the recipe. 

4. Palak Paneer:

Palak Paneer is a vegetarian dish where paneer cubes are cooked in a creamy spinach sauce. It is a nutritious and flavourful option, often paired with Indian bread or rice. Check out the recipe here.

5. Paneer Tikka:

Paneer Tikka is a popular appetizer where chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) are marinated in a spiced yogurt mixture, skewered, and grilled or baked until golden. Recipe here.

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