Tom Brady and Irina Shayk hover on brink of making romance official

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are figuring it out.
Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are ‘figuring it out.’

Sources suggest Tom Brady and Irina Shayk may soon make romance ‘official’ as they comfortably explore the prospect of a more permanent connection. 

They were first linked in July, Following an intimate encounter at his Los Angeles home. despite initial Spark, the pair have opted for a casual approach, With Brady prioritizing career and fatherhood post Gisele Bündchen split.

The duo enjoys casual hangouts but stays clear of full-blown commitment, insider reveals. 

Sources describe a scenario resembling the ‘I Love You’ stage in a good relationship, where both parties are cautious not to jump ahead. 

The insider emphasizes that their approach is not negative, as they aim to avoid causing each other any emotional distress while determining the pace of their connection.

In a noteworthy development, Tom Brady made a solo appearance at the recent launch of the upscale resort, Fountainebleau Las Vegas, alongside other A-listers.

Despite enjoying the event until almost 2:40 am, insiders suggest that Brady’s attention remained focused on Irina Shayk. 

The seven-time Super Bowl Champion exuded elegance in a classic black suit paired with a crisp white dress shirt, highlighting his commitment to style amid ongoing speculation about his rekindled romance with Shayk, which reportedly blossomed during a night out in Miami just days prior.

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