This Food Item Is A “Need” For Priyanka Chopra When It Is Raining

Maggi in the monsoon is bliss. Can we call it a combo straight out of every desi foodie’s heart? Picture this – raindrops tapping on your window, the earth soaked in the sweet scent of wet soil, and you cosying up with a steaming bowl of Maggi. A true foodie heaven, right? Even the celebrities could not resist this foodilicious adventure. In her latest Instagram Story, our desi girl Priyanka Chopra, who is now an international sensation, posted a picture of a bowl of soupy Maggi. In the caption, the singer and actress asked, “Who else needs Maggi noodles in the rain?” 

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Take a look:

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In another slide, Priyanka Chopra is seen enjoying a cheesy and soupy dish. The bowl is overloaded with cheese, making it a delicious treat for the rainy weather.

See here:

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If you also love Maggi, here are some recipes that you can try in your kitchen:

1. Punjabi Tadka Maggi

Infused with Punjabi flavours, this Maggi variant offers a delightful tadka (tempering) that elevates the taste. With a blend of aromatic spices, it brings a North Indian twist to the classic Maggi experience. Click here for the recipe.

2. Street-Style Cheese Maggi

Indulge in the irresistible charm of street-style Maggi with a cheesy twist. This variation combines the beloved noodles with gooey cheese, creating a comforting and flavorful street food-inspired delight. Recipe here.

3. Makhni Maggi

Drawing inspiration from the iconic butter chicken, Makhni Maggi has a rich and creamy tomato-based sauce. The flavours of traditional Makhni sauce complement the noodles, offering a fusion of classic Indian and Maggi goodness. Want the recipe? Click here.

4. Maggi Manchurian

This fusion creation combines the beloved Maggi noodles with the flavours of Manchurian, resulting in a delightful Indo-Chinese fusion. The soy-infused Maggi with vegetable Manchurian elements provides a unique and savoury experience. Detailed recipe here.

5. Maggi Bhel

Experience the crunch and spice of bhel puri combined with the convenience of Maggi noodles. Maggi Bhel offers a playful twist to the popular street snack, blending the textures and flavours for a delicious and innovative dish. Check out the recipe here.

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