The People’s Forum, financed by Newsclick-fame Neville Roy Singham, saw 803% increase in funding

The People’s Forum, financed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) stooge Neville Roy Singham, has witnessed a staggering rise in funding in 2022. The organisation has been at the helm of anti-India propaganda since 2019 in cahoots with communists, Kashmiri separatists and anti-Hindu activists.

As per a report by the Washington Examiner, ‘The People’s Forum’ received a whopping $4.4 million (~₹36.53 crores) in 2022 while it could rake in only $4,86,900 (~₹4.04 crores) a year earlier.

The US news outlet reviewed the tax forms of the Singham-financed organisation and found that there has been an 803% increase in funds amassed by it in a year-long period.

Screengrab of the news report by The Washington Examiner

According to the Washington Examiner, The People’s Forum received about $4 million (~₹33.2 crores) in grants and contributions in 2022. A review of the organisation’s financial disclosures also revealed that it made $52000 (~₹43.18 lakhs) in investment and $3,31,000 (~₹2.74 crores) in program service revenue.

At the same time, its assets were valued at $18.5 million (~₹153 crores). As per the Washington Examiner, the assets of The People’s Forum saw a $4.9 million (~₹40.69 crores) rise in its valuation in 2022.

As per its tax forms, the organisation incurred an expenditure of $3.8 million (~₹31.55 crores) in 2022. Its office and studio space lease contracts were valued at $343,000 (~₹ 2.84 crores)

The People’s Forum gained IRS tax-exempt status, foreign policy experts share concern

“The flood of cash to the People’s Forum underscores how far-left organizations boosting China and other overseas interests have gained significant footing in the U.S. in recent years,” the Washington Examiner emphasised.

According to the US news outlet, the Neville Roy Singham-financed organisation gained IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax-exempt status in 2017 i.e. it is not required to pay federal corporate tax on its income.

Given that it is registered as a ‘charity’, The People’s Forum is not obligated to report its donors to the public. Washington Examiner reached out to the general manager of the organisation, David Chung, via email but he did not comment on the matter.

While speaking about the development, Republican leader Elise Stefanik said, “I support immediately investigating the People’s Forum and organizations like it to determine what level of funding and coordination these pro-Hamas rallies have received from America’s adversaries.

Washington Examiner pointed out, “Foreign policy experts and members of Congress have recently raised concerns about the People’s Forum having tax-exempt status, particularly as it boosts Hamas.”

The People’s Forum and its anti-India agenda

OpIndia has found that ‘The People’s Forum’ has been peddling anti-India narratives since 2019. It has been organising teach-in sessions, seminars and movie screenings since 2019 to disseminate a distorted idea of Jammu and Kashmir to its global audience.

The Chinese Communist Party stooge-backed organisation has openly called for the secession of the integral part of the Indian territory and extended support to extremist elements, calling for ‘Azadi.’ ‘

The People’s Forum reiterated pro-Pakistani talking points about Kashmir, referring to the region as ‘Indian Occupied.’

In Sep 2019, the People’s Forum conducted a ‘teach-in session’ dubbed ‘Self-Determination and Solidarity in Kashmir.’ The anti-India event was sponsored by the likes of ‘Codepink’, founded by Neville Roy Singham’s wife Jodie Evans.

It has also held the screening of a propaganda film titled ‘Khoon Diy Baarav’ and promoted a book, written by ‘ISI operative’ Hafsa Kanjwal, and titled ‘Colonising Kashmir: State Building under Indian Occupation.’

“August 5 marks 4 years since India’s complete annexation of Kashmir—Author Hafsa Kanjwal & Mohamad Junaid will also discuss recent developments in the region,” The People’s Forum lamented the abrogation of Article 370.

The Neville Roy Singham-funded organisation was also seen disseminating the myth of the ‘Kerala Model’ in one of its events, organised on April 11, 2020.

A year later on August 7, 2021, ‘The People’s Forum’ held another event, promoting a book titled ‘Local Democracy and Development: The Kerala People’s Campaign for Decentralized Planning’. Interestingly, the book is written by a Communist Party of India (Marxist) politician Thomas Isaac.

The uncanny obsession with Kerala did not end with praising the Communist Party of India’s make-believe governance model. ‘The People’s Forum’ appeared fascinated with Communist hardliners such as EMS Namboodiripad who infamously called Mahatma Gandhi a ‘Hindu fundamentalist.’

Neville Roy Singham, NewsClick funding and the aftermath

On August 5 this year, The New York Times published a detailed article, revealing the ties of Neville Roy Singham with the Chinese government and his financial support to an Indian leftist propaganda outlet NewsClick.

The New York Times pointed out that Singham has been successful in disseminating Chinese government talking points under the pretext of ‘progressive advocacy’ in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa and the United States.

During its investigation, the American newspaper found that Neville Roy Singham had financed an India-based leftist propaganda outlet named NewsClick. 

Screengrab of the article by The New York Times

“In New Delhi, corporate filings show, Mr. Singham’s network financed a news site, NewsClick, that sprinkled its coverage with Chinese government talking points. “China’s history continues to inspire the working classes,” one video said,” noted The New York Times.

It was later revealed that Neville Roy Singham had close ties with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Prakash Karat. Emails exchanged between NewsClick owner Prabir Purkayastha and Neville Roy Singham show that the latter instructed the former on ways to report the India-China border dispute and China’s handling of COVID-19.

On 16th November this year, the Enforcement Directorate issued summons to Neville Roy Singham in China in the NewsClick-Chinese funding case.

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