Rajasthan Police deny reports that they detained Elvish Yadav, say he was only stopped at a checkpoint

Amidst media reports that popular YouTuber Elvish Yadav was detained or is in custody, Rajasthan Police official has cleared the air regarding the incident. Elvish is named in a case of snake venom use in a rave party, and several media houses today reported he was detained by Rajasthan police at Kota. However. A Rajasthan Police official stated that YouTuber Elvish Yadav was only stopped briefly during a routine border security check in the wake of the assembly election in the state, and he was let go as he is not wanted in the case.

DSP Kailash Chand, Anti Corruption Bureau, Hisar Range, said when a vehicle was stopped at a check post set up for the upcoming polls, one of the persons in the car said that his name was Elvish Yadav. As Rajasthan Police had learned that he was named in some cases in Noida, they contacted their counterparts in Noida. However, Noida Police officials informed them that the case was still being investigated, and Elvish Yadav is currently not a wanted or absconding person in the case and could be called in for questioning at a later stage if need be. After the Noida Police said that there was no need to detain him Rajasthan Police released Yadav. 

The DSP also said that nothing objectionable was found in the car, and they were let go after Noida police said that Elvish Yadav is currently not needed in the snake venom case. He also said that it was just a routine security check, and there was nothing illegal with their journey.

While speaking with a Times Now Navbharat reporter, another Police official confirmed that YouTuber Elvish Yadav was neither arrested nor detained. Regarding media reports that he was grilled by Rajasthan Police, the Police official rejected it and noted that he was not questioned. The police officer said that when they contacted Noida police, they were told that Elvish was not needed by Noida police at present, and therefore he was not detained and let go. Noida Police further told Rajasthan Police that Elvish Yadav will be called for questioning when it will be required.

The cop also said they didn’t question Elvish around the allegations of selling snake poison, as the case is with not with them. Elvish Yadav was not taken to any police station, and was let go after he was stopped briefly at the checkpoint, the police officer said.

It was reported in the media that his car was stopped near a checkpoint in Rajasthan’s Kota. Subsequently, media reports started claiming that he was detained. The reports further added that he was questioned by the Rajasthan Police in connection with the alleged Snake Venom Case. The media reports, however, added that he was released shortly after getting detained by the Police at a checkpoint in Kota. 

It is important to note that these reports have turned out to be fake as Rajasthan Police officials confirmed that they only stopped him during a routine security check in the wake of upcoming assembly elections in the state. When they learned about his identity, they briefly stopped him to ascertain the facts of the alleged snake venom case in Noida which had come to their knowledge and Yadav was linked with the case. 

However, after learning the details of the case and being told that he is currently not wanted in the case and not needed by Noida Police at present, he was released. 

Earlier on Friday (3rd November), the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav slammed Maneka Gandhi saying that she should be prepared to tender an apology for the allegations levelled against him. Yadav also denied involvement over allegations of him supplying snake venom at a rave party busted by Noida Police.

However, he issued a clarification saying that all the videos in which he was seen with snakes were 5-6 months old. He pointed out that these were used for shooting songs. It was even claimed in the media that he was trying to escape, but he was arrested. This action was taken by the police of Ramganj Suket police station located in Kota rural. Noida Police were searching for him in connection with the rave party and snake venom intoxication cases.

Yadav is the subject of a First Information Report (FIR) over a rave party that took place in Noida, Sector 51. The Drugs Department, the Forest Department, and the Noida Police jointly busted the event and arrested five people identified as Jaikaran, Rahul, Titunath, Narayan, and Ravinath. Some unmanned individuals are also named in the report.

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