Owner puts camera on pet cat’s collar providing unique world view

Immersive experience takes viewers through daily adventures of frisky feline as he wanders through owner’s yard

 A cat’s-eye view of the world with a camera attached to Mr Kitters’ collar. — TikTok/@mr.kitters.the.cat

Have you ever wondered what life is like from a cat’s perspective? Imagine watching the world from less than a foot off the ground, seeing and hearing things humans completely miss, staring out the window for hours while contemplating one of your nine lives.

Well, now you can experience a glimpse of it yourself.

TikTok channel “Mr Kitters the Cat” gave their followers a cat’s-eye view of the world with a camera attached to Mr Kitters’ collar, resulting in an utterly delightful and immersive experience that takes us through the daily adventures of the frisky feline as he wanders the yard.

In a video titled, “I’ve got friends high and low!”  which has more than 211,400 views on TikTok, we begin with Mr Kitters looking around while walking on a trampoline’s edge.

The best is seeing his kitty paws as he walks and hops around on trees.

The commenters made their delight known.

“He’s vlogging,” wrote one person.

“When he said “brrr meow”, I felt that,” declared another.

Meanwhile, another user wrote: “Mr Kitters speaking squirrel! So cute!”

Mr Kitters has other POV videos as well. This one demonstrates how adventurous he is.

It really sounds like he says, “Let me in,” doesn’t it?

Cameras around cats’ necks can attract millions of people due to their curiosity about their lives and their cute quirkiness.

This curiosity drives us to keep cats as companions, as observing their world through their perspective allows us to enjoy and learn about our pet friends.

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