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So the Conservatives want to be popular? They might try building some more houses. 

Paul Goodman

“According to YouGov, the Party commands a plurality of voters only amongst the over 70s. As far as voting intention is concerned, the Conservative Party is literally dying on its feet.”

The sheer scale of the task of getting Britain ready, let alone willing, for war with Russia 

Henry Hill

“Sombre warnings from politicians and generals are entirely at odds with decades of what can be fairly described as a deeply unserious approach to defence.”

Labour’s £28 billion spending pledge might have been a hostage to fortune. But without it, their green plans are a fantasy. 

William Atkinson

“Even before the latest Hinkley Point setback, this target looked nigh-on impossible deliver. Analysis has suggested it is right at the edge of what is possible.”

Profile: Pierre Poilievre, the Canadian Conservative insurgent to whom Starmer’s minders are looking for inspiration 

Andrew Gimson

“His manic energy and self-mocking wit the recall the late, great Peter Sellers.”

Councils are still refusing to use transformational technology that could end the pothole menace 

Harry Phibbs

“A new machine can provide more effective repairs at four times the speed and half the cost. But highways officers, and the contractors they use, are not incentivised to innovate.”

Populism is on the march throughout Europe. Is its new wave about to reach Britain? 

Professor Matthew Goodwin

“Four, deep-rooted currents in are carving out space for movements which seek to prioritise the interests, the culture, the values, and the ways of life of the majority group against what they see as self-interested, corrupt, narcissistic, and incompetent elites.”

Waitangi. What, in 2024, is the meaning of New Zealand’s national day? 

Olivia O’Malley

“Without political leaders trying to make appeals beyond their specific constituencies of voters or engage with the broader concerns of Maori, the significance and controversy of the treaty, beyond the spectacle, is likely to wane.”

It’s time for Popular Conservatism 

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

“The sovereignty of Parliament, as the representative of the people, has been eroded, and power handed to an increasingly assertive bureaucracy.”

Hezbollah and Beyond. Decoding Iran’s destabilising influence in the Middle East. 

Lord Ashcroft

“It is imperative to grasp the group’s objectives, doctrines, and expansion tactics. Employing a combination of both soft and hard power measures is essential, targeting not only Hezbollah but also its allies and associates globally. ”

Opportunistic conversions should embarrass the Church, but asylum abuse is a problem for politicians to solve 

Henry Hill

“Whilst the clergy can’t wash their hands of their role in appearing to facilitate “industrial scale” conversion to game the system, it is the Government that sets the rules of the game.”

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