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Spartans Two. The New Batch. 

Paul Goodman

“In Gremlins Two, the lovable creatures are electrocuted into petrified jelly. The film bears no report that eleven survived.”

The Rwanda Bill aims to slice a Gordian knot. Sunak’s dispute with the rebels is whether the sword is sharp enough. 

Henry Hill

“The rebels have a fair case that the Government’s previous attempts to thread the needle on deportations have failed, and may fail again. But that doesn’t mean their amendments would get planes in the air”

More nuclear power is the obvious solution to our energy security and Net Zero dilemmas. That doesn’t mean it is ever going to happen. 

William Atkinson

“Britain Remade suggests we now rank 15th out of 16 countries by construction cost per megawatt-hour of generating capacity. The causes are depressingly familar.”

Commons sketch: The rebellion of the previous night did not spill over into PMQs 

Andrew Gimson

“Sunak and Starmer talked past each other with the PM receiving roars of support which it was very hard to trace to their source.”

Will local authorities be able to enforce the smoking ban? 

Harry Phibbs

“MPs can pass whatever laws they like. Enforcing them is another matter. Trading Standards officers are already overstretched.”

If we wouldn’t use the Royal Navy to protect civilian ships, there would be no point in having it

Daniel Hannan

“No decent person can support piracy or missile attacks on peaceful merchant vessels. Someone has to defend the global order. Not for the first time, that someone is the Anglo-American alliance.”

We need democratic oversight of the police, and PCCs have proven better than the old councillor-led authorities

Lisa Townsend

“Having seen the work my team and colleagues across the country do, I have no doubt that the public are best served by those who they can hold fully accountable.”

Freezing allowances and cutting rates may not just be a response to inflation, but a reversal policy with its own rationale 

Lord Willetts

“There is a strong case for believing that it is risky if you have almost half of adults not paying income tax – the position we were approaching by the end of the Coalition.”

Warm words about a two-state solution won’t do. There needs to be a plan for a Palestinian state.

Dr Liam Fox MP

“Our policy needs to be joined up, realistic and deliverable. The era of wishful thinking, of hoping that Iran will change, must be confined to history. ”

“”Yemen, Yemen, make us proud”…by making us all poorer. And helping Putin and his allies. 

Paul Goodman

“Sir Keir will have to work hard to keep his party on the right side of the line. Which will require withdrawing the whip from any Labour MPs who support attacks on our troops.”

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