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The Covid Inquiry. A thorough exercise in learning the lessons of Covid? Or a platform for the Left-Wing Entertainment Industry? 

Paul Goodman

“We hurl abuse at here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians and their advisers, while the permanent state flourishes like a green bay tree.”

We need to overhaul how this country polices extremism – but a few new directives aren’t going to cut it 

Henry Hill

“But if such a programme extends beyond stemming the flow of cash (or at least attempting to do so), it is once again going to come back to law and enforcement. And that is thorny ground.”

AI. The more I read about it, the more concerned I become. 

William Atkinson

“Sunak is putting his faith in international regulation. But global efforts to regulate both nuclear and biological weaponry have been far from successful.”

Johnson at GB News will be an elder statesman, not an entertainer 

Andrew Gimson 

“His critics think he is “a busted flush”: how eager he will be to demonstrate that he is, on the contrary, serious.”

Religion is a blind spot for too many British policymakers and journalists 

Georgia L. Gilholy

“We inhabit an impoverished media landscape marked by outrageous soundbites and ahistorical canards, as much as regards the present as the past.”

Why are white male Conservatives underperforming? 

Peter Franklin

“If you look at the odds for the next Conservative leader, there are no white men among the front runners. The top five comprise Kemi Badenoch, Penny Mordaunt, James Cleverly, Suella Braverman, and Gillian Keegan.”

The gains and threats of AI, what we don’t know, and the need for flexible regulation – as the Government’s summit  

Anthony Browne MP

“We are on a voyage of discovery about what the possible impact is. That is why I fully support the creation of the AI Safety Institute, to monitor and think through the issues. ”

Hate has no place on campus, and we will crack down on antisemitism at British universities

Gillian Keegan MP

“I have written to university leaders, and will ask the Office for Students to investigate whether official responses to hateful conduct or open support for Hamas have been appropriate.”

The AI Safety Summit was undermined by sci-fi catastrophism 

Sarah Kuszynski

“Focusing on frontier AI threats comes at the expense of less glamorous, but more immediate socio-economic concerns. AI may trigger rising unemployment and worsen social inequalities.”

Starmer’s Middle East dilemma. There is far more at stake here than the future of a single political leader. 

Paul Goodman 

“Our party system could become befouled by communalism, with the Conservatives the party of Israel, India, and Jews, and Labour that of Palestine, Pakistan, and Muslims. Such an outcome would be incompatible with democracy as we know it.”

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