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Artificial light lures migrating birds into cities, where they face a gauntlet of threats The Conversation

Views on the economy have shifted dramatically over the past year Sam Ro, TKer. Many charts.

The deals that show how lucrative private equity can be FT

How Pfizer Blew Up Downtown Josh Brown

Check Fraud: It’s Time to Jettison Price v. Neal Credit Slips


Governing the Climate Phenomenal World

Our Megathreatened Age Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate

Book Review – Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping The Future Of Our Planet The Inquisitive Biologist

We’re melting….

Over the transom from alert reader Bob. Seems to go well with the previous:

Reminds me of some of the set pieces in Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series.


Effectiveness of cough etiquette maneuvers in disrupting the chain of transmission of infectious respiratory diseases BMJ. From 2013, still germane. N = 31. From the Abstract: “. This aerosol can penetrate profound levels of the respiratory system. Practicing these assessed primary respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette maneuvers would still permit direct, indirect, and/or airborne transmission and spread of [infectious respiratory diseases (IRD)], such as influenza and Tuberculosis. All the assessed cough etiquette maneuvers, as recommended, do not fully interrupt the chain of transmission of IRD. This knowledge urges us all to critically review recommended CE and to search for new evidence-based procedures that effectively disrupt the transmission of respiratory pathogens.” Funny how nobody ever asks for an RCT on whether coughing into your elbow is effective.

Chennai Covid News: 6% who survived Covid-19 in 2020-22 died by 2023 Times of India


China jobs: suspended production, extended unpaid leave embody woes with private businesses under pressure South China Morning Post

Column: China is still the top dog in commodities, but its bark is changing

China’s Millionaires Are Worried. That’s a Problem for Wall Street. WSJ

Gold gains traction among country’s investment options China Daily

* * *

“China hype” (from a thread by Arnaud Bertrand):

Allison is the inventor of “the Thucydides trap,” for good or ill.

‘China is a fatal distraction’: Former defence chief on the biggest threat facing Australia Sydney Morning Herald. “Climate change will get us before China.”

* * *

China’s Once-Dependable Tourists Are Growing Younger and Spending Less


India’s External Affairs Minister Jaishankar to travel to Russia later this week WION

‘Our country has lost its moral compass’: Arundhati Roy The Hindu


What does Palestine have to do with Africa? Africa Is a Country


Egyptian sources say Israelis, Resistance open to ceasefire: Reuters Al Mayadeen

Why the UK and Germany back a sustainable ceasefire David Cameron & Annalena Baerbock, Times of London

Inside U.S.-Palestinian talks about post-war Gaza Axios

Former Israeli Advisor on Netanyahu, Qatar and Irreversible Damage In Gaza | Ash Meets Daniel Levy (video) Novara Media, YouTube (Alice X).

* * *

Israel finds large tunnel adjacent to Gaza, raising new questions about prewar intelligence Politico. “The entryway to the tunnel is just a few hundred yards from the heavily fortified Erez crossing and a nearby Israeli military base.” Handy!

Freed Israeli hostage warns soldiers not to go into Hamas tunnels: ‘It’s a colossal danger’ FOX

* * *

In Israel, 20,000 Gazans Are Responsible for Their Own Deaths. I’ve Never Been So Ashamed Haaretz

‘Disturbing reports’ coming from northern Gaza of mass detentions, mistreatment of Palestinians: UN Anadolu Agency

Starving Palestinians loot aid trucks as desperation mounts in Gaza’s Rafah Al Jazeera

* * *

Netanyahu’s tactics are weakening Israel Ben Wallace, The Telegraph

Hamas’s rising popularity in the West Bank France24

From the Holy Family Church in Gaza:

* * *

Pakistan’s Farms, Mines in Trouble With Afghans Pushed Out The Wire

New Not-So-Cold War

The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Durability of Deterrence International Institute for Strategic Studies. The deck: “Putin has defined his nuclear red line consistently and – compared to other Russian figures – restrictively. So long as NATO continues to respect it, there is no reason to believe he would authorise nuclear use.”

* * *

Ukraine needs mobilization to keep existing number of defense forces – intel chief Ukrinform

‘People Snatchers’: Ukraine’s Recruiters Use Harsh Tactics to Fill Ranks and Ukrainian Marines on ‘Suicide Mission’ in Crossing the Dnipro River NYT (Furzy Mouse).

* * *

Ukrainian Infiltration Force in Bakhmut Destroyed By Russian Drone Units – New Footage Military Watch. A stunt.

Ukrainian special ops commandos are freelancing top-secret sabotage missions, poisonings, and assassinations in Russia, says military source Business Insider. “Technology and our entrepreneurial mindset will defeat Russian meat and steel.” Cope.

* * *

Ukraine shouldn’t have to pay the price of the GOP’s wedge politics E.J. Dionne, WaPo. Politics ain’t beanbag.

South of the Border

Chilean voters reject conservative constitution, after defeating leftist charter last year AP. Timotheus comments: “The right wing constitution was voted down today 54-45%. That’s the second failure to rewrite the Pinochet document of 1981. You could note the remarkable and enviable efficiency of the paper ballots counted by hand. No one has raised the slightest doubt about the accuracy of the results.”

The jungle between Colombia and Panama becomes a highway for migrants from around the world AP

Biden Administration

Congress stares down brutal January The Hill

Police State Watch

The Robber Barons of Prison Tech Slate

Ohio Gets ‘F’ Grade for Lack of Law Against Costly, Speech-Chilling Lawsuits Cleveland Scene

Digital Watch

Biden’s secretive AI strategy goes against ideal of OpenAI FOX

Google moves to end geofence warrants, a surveillance problem it largely created TechCrunch

How To Authenticate Large Datasets The Intercept. Media critique for the 21st century….

Xmas Pre-Game Festivities

Military Christmas wish: Deployed US Army unit calls for rescue of puppies and cat from freezing weather FOX


Hospitals are dropping Medicare Advantage plans left and right Becker’s Hospital Review. Time to move on to a new grift, I suppose.

“Access” to care:

Supply Chain

Why suspending shipping operations in the Red Sea matters for global trade Hellenic Shipping News. Incident map and thread:

Red Sea Convoys & An Increase in Naval Presence around the Bab el-Mandeb – Op Prosperity Guardian (video) What is Going on With Shipping, YouTube (MV).

Imperial Collapse Watch

US Army faces ‘TikTok mutiny’ as Gen Z recruits whine about low pay, ‘sh***y’ food and FITNESS TESTS while on bases in uniform Daily Mail

Mastermind ‘Fat Leonard’ Gets the Last Laugh in Disastrous Navy Corruption Trial WSJ. The deck: “Businessman Leonard Francis, who bilked the U.S. out of millions, offered to help prosecutors snare crooked Navy officials—then he disappeared” [to Venezuela]. Important given both the role of the Seventh Fleet in the Pacific and DOJ over-reach.

Guillotine Watch

Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaii Super Compound Reportedly Includes a Secret Underground Bunker and 11 Treehouses People

Class Warfare

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Forced to Rerun Contract Vote After Crew Discovered Ballot System Was Vulnerable to Fraud PYOK. Astonishing, except not:

During a live video stream of the ballot result, a representative of TrueBallot shared their screen, which displayed an internet URL in the address bar of their web browser. A flight attendant watching the stream copied the URL into their own computer and discovered that the link took them to an unsecured database of the vote.

The flight attendant was able to view the name of everyone who had voted and what ballot they had cast, alongside their email address. The database could even be edited, and ballots could be added and deleted.

“TrueBallot.” Never eat at a place called “Mom’s”….

A Woman Construction Worker on the Slab Briarpatch. This post is great (even if from 2015). In the most PMC scenario imaginable, I ran across it while searching on the keyword “slab,” hoping to discover text on the Wittgenstein’s “Builder’s Game” for my post on nouns (“But when I call “Slab!”, then what I want is, that he should bring me a slab“).

One Significant Adult Culture Study

Natural Selection Orion

Antidote du jour (via):

Bonus Antidote:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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