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Dogs, Cats, Horses And Even Parrots Are Inheriting Big Money The Messenger (Dr. Kevin)

Year of the Dragon 2024: is your luck in? Predictions for all 12 Chinese zodiac signs for health, money, work and love South China Morning Post

Japan lands on Moon but glitch threatens mission BBC

What happens when a school bans smartphones? A complete transformation Guardian (furzy)


The Second Most Important Story In The World Ian Welsh (Micael T)

Wearing a mask too!!!


Stellantis warns of EV ‘bloodbath’ as Ford cuts F-150 Lightning output Financial Times

Firefighters Used to Bet on Wildfires Easing at Night. Not Anymore. Wall Street Journal


Resigning as a Director-General from China’s state system Pekingnology (Lance N)

Old Blighty

British life-style: Space minister (!) Andrew Griffith mixed up Mars and the Sun International Affairs. Micael T: “Truss, Truss every where, not a single braincell.”

European Disunion

Germany is the ‘tired man’ of Europe, says finance minister Financial Times (Kevin W)

Inside Brazil’s Elite SpecOps Unit Storming the Favelas HistoryLegends. Readers?


‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 105: Israel destroys Gaza’s last university as Netanyahu doubles down on rejection of a Palestinian state Mondoweiss

* * *

Netanyahu’s Gamble: Is Israel preparing for another war? Alastair Crooke, Rumble. Important.

Israeli strike on Damascus kills four Iranian Revolutionary Guards Reuters

Rifts emerge among top Israeli officials about how to handle the war in Gaza ABC Australia (Kevin W)

* * *

The U.S. Plan for a Postwar Middle East Isn’t Gaining Much Traction Wall Street Journal

Gaza will be the grave of the Western-led world order Al Jazeera

Nasrallah: October 7 foreshadows the Liberation of all Palestine Resistance News, from Al-Manar (Sayed H). From early January, still relevant.

* * *

Erdogan’s double game: Praising Palestine, aiding Israel The Cradle (Micael T)

New Not-So-Cold War

Erdogan’s family business is delaying our NATO entry Expressen via machine translation . Micael T: “Whatever it takes to stop Sweden’s entry into NATO!

Andrey Sushentsov: Here’s why Russia and the US are set for a long confrontation RT

Key points of Sergey Lavrov’s press conference TASS

Russia and Iran Agree To Sign a Bilateral Strategic Pact (Plus, The Friday Roundtable with the Judge) Larry Johnson

Shock and Awe: Putin orders hunt for property of Russian Empire, Soviet Union International Affairs (Micael T)

Belarus’s New Nuclear Doctrine: WION, Indian English language global news service Gilbert Doctorow (guurst)

Western Values

First US nitrogen gas execution raises questions of cruelty, torture Anadolu Agency

EU to blacklist people for pro-Hamas ‘incitement’ EU Observer. John B believes this is the text: COUNCIL DECISION (CFSP) 2024/385 of 19 January 2024 establishing restrictive measures against those who support, facilitate or enable violent actions by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Donald Tusk Sends Riot Police to Purge Media of Critical Journalists – and Suddenly the EU Has Nothing to Say About the ‘Rule of Law’ Daily Skeptic (Micael T)

Shocked by far-right revelations, Germans consider ban BBC (furzy)

AfD ban debate – counterproductive and dangerous Nachdenkseiten via machine translation (Micael T)

‘Dream team’: How all the EU’s top jobs could be held by women Politico (Kevin W). It’s well known that putting a woman in charge is a sign an institution is in terminal decline. Women are left holding the bag. Of course, that does not change the fact that women like Annelina Baerbock and Ursuala von der Leyen are aggressively accelerating that trajectory.

The Goddess of the WEF James Howard Kunstler

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Wrong Stuff Aurelien (Chuck L)

US laser weapon program hits a glaring blind spot Asia Times

Steward Health Care’s financial issues could spell catastrophe for the state Boston Globe (Vikas S)


Maine secretary of state appeals court rule in Trump ballot case News Center Maine (furzy)

Fani Willis Accuses Wife of Alleged Lover of Being an Adulterer and Political Conspirator Jonathan Turley. Looking desperate.

Trump’s lawyers warn of nationwide ‘chaos’ RT. While true, not a good legal argument.


What was the funniest political story in recent years for you? Anti-Spiegel, via machine translation (Micael T)


Big GOP Donors Dreading Trump-Biden Rematch Stay on Sidelines Bloomberg (furzy)

Donald Trump is winning. Business, beware Economist (furzy)

Trump nabs Scott endorsement: “We need a president who will unite our country” The Hill

What happened to thousands of voters? Registrations suddenly drop in Broward, Palm Beach counties South Florida Sun-Sentinel (furzy)

Kamala Enjoys Finally Being Smartest Person In The Room Babylon Bee


‘There is no such thing as a real picture’: Samsung defends AI photo editing on Galaxy S24 TechRadar (Kevin W). Music to defense attorneys’ ears….

What is going on with ChatGPT? Guardian (furzy)

Class Warfare

Understanding Growing Inequality, Part 2: How the Rich Got that Way Douglad Lamont (Micael T)

How an oil boom in North Dakota led to a boom in evictions Grist

Australian Journalists Threaten Strike over Palestinian Censorship – UAW Launched Hyundai Union Drive – Telsa Bumps Pay Mike Elk. We reported earlier on the potential ABC Australia strike.

Micael T: This tweet shows that neither Milei nor Luongo understand what socialism is and what WEF is up to. WEF’s world order is oligarchic tyranny, quite the opposite of socialism, where means of productions are publicly owned and wealth resdistributed.

Antidote du jour (Tracie H):

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