King Charles’ health scare triggers Diana’s death trauma for Prince Harry?

King Charles health scare triggers Dianas death trauma for Prince Harry
King Charles’ health scare triggers Diana’s death trauma for Prince Harry

Prince Harry must feel triggered by current health crisis in the royal family due to the death of his late mother Princess Diana.

The Duke of Sussex is understood to be “sick with worry” as his father King Charles and sister-in-law Kate Middleton grapple with their respective surgeries at the London Clinic.

Last week, the Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery and is currently recuperating at the hospital; the King is set to go under the knife for the treatment of his enlarged prostrate today, i.e., Friday, Jan. 26.

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Speaking to Fabulous, brand expert Denise Palmer-Davies shared, “Harry has been through a lot of loss in his life, so I expect this would have hit him hard.”

“He lost his mum in horrific circumstances,” she said of Diana, who lost her life to a tragic car accident in Paris in 1998, “and recently said goodbye to his grandparents, who before all these documentaries and interviews, had a very close relationship.”

“He has also seen a lot of harm and death during his time in Forces, and I think more than anyone, Harry knows how precious life is,” the expert continued.

“News of Kate’s operation, and that it’s keeping her on bedrest for several weeks, coupled with his father’s condition, will have understandably brought up a lot of traumatic emotions for Harry,” Denise added. 

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