Juice: Power, Politics, and the Grid, Part 2

(Steven Hayward)

Herewith the second installment of Robert Bryce’s new documentary, “Juice” Power, Politics, and the Grid,” in which he takes up the subject of electricity deregulation in the 1990s and the role of Enron in the California debacle of 2000. I’m not sure I entirely agree with Robert’s narrative of this important policy shift—for one thing, “de-regulation” isn’t really accurate, as it was really a regulatory restructuring—but this episode is worthy of viewing to the end for its second half, where Robert features a grassroots group or left-leaning (or formerly) left leaning civil rights housing activists who have recognized that environmentalism—rather than racism—is their most potent foe. Mary Nichols, a long time environmental crusader in California who happens to be a horrible human being, comes in for a deserved pasting.

As mentioned previously, everyone should subscribe to Robert’s Substack. Did I mention that his Substack is free? Well it is.

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