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PUNE: An innovative Internet of Things (IoT)-based financial data managing device designed specifically for the banking sector by fintech expert Hari Prasad Josyula, has been granted a patent for managing financial data. The patent titled — “Internet of Things-Based Financial Data Managing Device in Bank”, represents a breakthrough in the way financial data is collected, processed, and managed within banking institutions.
Josyula said in a statement issued here: “The patented device offers a seamless and efficient solution for the real-time monitoring and analysis of financial transactions.It significantly enhances security measures and streamlines operational processes, aiming to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.”
The device comprises a network of interconnected data-processing units, strategically deployed throughout a bank’s premises, to capture a wide range of financial data, including transaction records, customer activity, and security information. This data is then transmitted to a centralized server for advanced analysis, providing real-time insights and actionable information to bank personnel, added the statement. Josyula’s patented invention represents a significant leap in the realm of financial technology, particularly within the banking sector. This IoT-based financial data managing device is designed to address the critical need for efficient, real-time data processing and security in banking institutions.

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Josyula has achieved this remarkable milestone in the field of financial technology. after gaining 15 years of experience, including critical roles in various Fortune 500 Banking and financial services companies. “The core strength of this device lies in its ability to enable real-time monitoring and analysis of financial transactions. This feature allows bank personnel to make informed decisions swiftly, enhancing the responsiveness and agility of banking operations,” added Josyula in the statement.
This invention incorporates advanced security protocols to safeguard sensitive financial information, ensuring a higher level of protection against potential cyber threats. The device comprises a scalable network of interconnected data-processing units. These units are customizable and can be deployed strategically across various locations within a bank’s premises, allowing for a tailored approach to data management that suits the unique needs of each institution.
Josyula concluded that, “The implementation of this IoT-based financial data managing device is poised to revolutionize the banking sector. It is expected to set new standards in data management and analysis, paving the way for more innovative solutions in financial technology.”

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