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Jio has been steadily deploying its AirFiber service across various Indian cities. This wireless internet service leverages 5G technology to provide high-speed connectivity, rivaling traditional fiber-optic connections. With speeds reaching up to 1 Gbps, Jio AirFiber caters to both residential and office settings, offering speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps.

Expansion and Availability

Currently available in over 500 cities, Jio AirFiber continues to expand its reach. As the service becomes more accessible, Jio introduces a range of plans tailored to different speed requirements and additional benefits.

Data Booster Plans

Among the variety of plans offered, Jio presents the data booster plan as an option for users who exhaust their daily data allowance, as per the data post fair policy.

Jio AirFiber subscribers initially enjoy 1TB of high-speed data per month. Upon reaching this limit, the speed is throttled. To accommodate users needing additional data, Jio introduces data booster packs starting from Rs. 101, providing a speed boost beyond the initial quota.

Types of Jio AirFiber Data Booster Plans

  • Rs. 101 Plan: Offers 100GB additional data at the same speed as the base plan.
  • Rs. 251 Plan: Provides 500GB extra data at the base plan’s speed.
  • Rs. 401 Plan: Grants a 1000GB data top-up at the base plan’s speed.

Plan Features

These booster plans do not have separate validity periods and require activation alongside a base plan. They can be utilized with both new and existing Jio AirFiber connections, with the flexibility to recharge multiple times within a billing cycle. The speed of the booster plans aligns with the base plan, ensuring consistency.

How to Recharge

Recharging with these plans is facilitated through MyJio or platforms.

Understanding Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

The data post fair usage policy (FUP) is a crucial aspect of internet service provision in India. It defines the access to data beyond the monthly allowance as per the broadband plan. Different providers implement FUP in various ways, such as reducing internet speed, charging additional fees for excess data, or offering supplementary data packs.

Reasons for FUP

  • Ensuring Fair Usage: FUP promotes fair and optimal network usage by curbing excessive data consumption, thereby maintaining a high-quality internet experience for all users.
  • Managing Network Congestion: During peak hours, network congestion can occur due to simultaneous user activity. FUP discourages heavy usage during these times, either by throttling speed or incentivizing data management through additional charges, facilitating better network management overall.

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