IN-SPACe in collaboration with Isro launches skill development courses – Times of India

BENGALURU: The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe), in collaboration with Isro and leading academic institutions, has introduced a cutting-edge short-term course aimed at advancing skills in the space sector.
“The programme, which commenced on December 17, focuses on Orbital Mechanics, Attitude Dynamics and Control, Space-Based Navigation, and Mission Planning,” an IN-SPACe statement issued Monday read.
Vinod Kumar, director (promotion directorate), IN-SPACe, said this learning platform translates the government’s vision into tangible skills. “…Participants will develop the ‘brain’ of a satellite, enabling autonomous functionality in space. This course empowers individuals to contribute significantly to India’s space missions and nurtures the next generation of space specialists,” he added.
The five-day residential programme, held at the Isro Guest House in Devanahalli, near Bengaluru, features experienced faculty from Isro, academic institutions, and industry. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, providing essential training for future space scientists and engineers.
“Open to academicians, industry executives, graduates, post-graduates, and researchers, the course covers mission profiles, launch window optimization, and addressing challenges inherent in space missions. Participants gain exposure to Mission Planning, Design, Simulation and Analysis; Orbital Dynamics and Mission Planning; Space-Based Navigation; Sensors, Attitude Estimation, Dynamics and Control; Spacecraft Autonomy and On-board Software Development; and Proximity Operations,” IN-SPACe said.
It added that immersive sessions on Spacecraft Orbit Modelling and Spacecraft Simulation Environment by the ANSYS Team, and AI for space applications using MATLAB by the MathWorks India team, enhance the practical aspects of the course.
IN-SPACe seeks to equip individuals with foundational principles and hands-on experience crucial for planning, executing, and optimising space mission operations, fostering the growth of India’s space capabilities.

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