I’m At My Sister’s! Nephew Time!

Sort of last minute, like about 4 weeks ago, things changed around so I got to come out to my sister’s for 10 days, from now until Christmas! Expect uneven posting and not much thought from now until the 27th!

I’ve been here 24 hours and so far I have learned that a house with a 1 year old and a 4 year old has stuff all over the floor, vaguely smells of urine, and features stickers prominantly.

No chance to inculcate with Indian film yet, the only interest remains Mommy-Food for the baby and Cars-Firemen-Policemen-Trucks for the 4 year old. If I can get him alone, totally showing the 4 year old the Dhoom movies. But not sure if there is really anything else for him in Indian cinema at the moment? 1 year old would only be interested in an Indian film if it featured Mommy. I have managed to get him from haaaaaaaaaaaaaating me, to distrusting me, to tolerating me, but really the whole world is Mommy, and then a bunch of dangerous monsters so far as he is concerned.

4 year old is coming around! I’m no Mommy, obviously, and there are certain things I can’t do because I’m not Mommy and that would be Wrong (like, tuck him in, or read him naptime books). But he will allow me to feed him, read to him, and occasionally admire as his car does tricks.

When does it happen that Auntie is BETTER than Mommy? Is that when they are teenagers? SO LONG!!!

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