Drew Barrymore’s Most Honest Quotes About Dating After Divorce

After revealing that she could go “years without sex” during a September 2022 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the Never Been Kissed star took to her personal blog to open up about why she hasn’t been in an “intimate relationship” in some time.

“After two kids and a separation from their father that has made me cautious, I have had the pleasure of shifting my focus when it comes to love for myself and my two daughters,” she wrote in October 2022. “I know that does not include a man nor has it for a while. I’ve come to realize through working in therapy, he said something and I had to write it down. He said, ‘Sex is not love! It is the expression of love.’ I have searched my whole life to have words like that to help me understand the difference and now, thanks to him, I do.”

She added, “And since entering life as a single mom, I have not been able to have an intimate relationship. I have had the honor and pleasure to actually work on myself and learn what parenting is again, something I was not exactly clear on growing up and I’ve had many learning curves thrown my way. I’ve been intimidated.”

The Music & Lyrics actress noted that she’s been trying to “find my own way” while teaching her two daughters to “love themselves” above all else.

“I am just in a completely different place in my life and maybe in the near future I will get into a relationship,” she explained. “It simply hasn’t been my priority. So I’m not a person who needs sex and has to go out there and engage with people on that level. I am someone who is deeply committed to fostering how young girls, my daughters, and myself as a woman, are supposed to function in this world! A relationship with a man has not been top of mind for me for a very long time.”

After revealing that she needed to stay “very celibate” after ending her marriage with Kopelman to honor the “loss of a nuclear family that I swore I would have for my daughters,” Barrymore shared that she was “proud” of herself for how she went about her personal healing journey.

“I have just simply come to laugh about the fact that it is not my personal priority to be with a partner, but that doesn’t mean it won’t become one someday. I need time. And my view on sex has truly changed,” she wrote.

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