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Manasvi Mamgai has been evicted out of the show.

Manasvi Mamgai has been evicted out of the show.

Wild Card contestant Manasvi Mamgai got evicted from Bigg Boss 17, a week into her entry.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have emerged as two of the strongest contestants on Bigg Boss 17. While Ankita is being praised for her mature outlook and bold personality, netizens are calling Vicky “the mastermind” of this season. The couple has been ruling the hearts of the Bigg Boss viewers ever since the 17th season began. However, it seems Ankita and Vicky have invited a big trouble for themselves and they might even get thrown out of the house for the same.

On Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan confronted Vicky Jain about his secret phone call with co-contestant Neil Bhat before entering the show. Salman asks the contestants, “The contracts that you guys had signed, mentioned all the terms and conditions of this show very clearly. How many of you have honoured the contract explicitly? Before entering the house, who has spoken to whom?” Salman also said, “Some people have come with pre-planned strategies, forming pacts and promising to support each other. But it’s unfair for those who are forming genuine relationships on the show. It’s like match-fixing. Vicky, you mentioned several times that you had discussed the show with Neil, didn’t you? You referred to that conversation. The discussion in the house should have ideally been that if you had talked about it at that time, this issue wouldn’t have arisen today.”

Aishwarya mentioned how Vicky mocks wives, and Neil, who had previously worked with Vicky, was surprised by his behaviour on the show. Neil also revealed that although they had been friends for 1.5 years, they hadn’t spoken for 8 months and only reconnected 2 days before entering the show.

During a segment with rapper King, Aishwarya closed her ‘dil ka darwaza’ for Vicky Jain, who, she accused of making fun of her and Neil’s relationship.

Salman then announced that Manasvi Mamgai was evicted owing to less votes.

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