Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha announce pregnancy

Exciting news has recently graced the world of Bollywood as Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha joyously announced their impending parenthood. The lovebirds chose the charm of social media to share this delightful revelation with their fans, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey into parenthood. 

Their joint Instagram post, adorned with creativity, featured the equation ‘1+1=3’ on a piece of paper in the first picture, while the second image captured the couple sharing a heartfelt gaze, radiating love. The caption accompanying these endearing images reads, “A tiny heartbeat is the loudest sound in our world.”

In the snapshots, Ali can be seen wearing a white kurta, standing beside his wife, Richa, who looks radiant in a vibrant, uniquely sleeved dress.  The couple’s love story originated on the set of the film Fukrey. Their marital journey commenced under the Special Marriage Act in 2020, followed by a joyous celebration with friends and family in a grand wedding ceremony in 2022, as reported by Pinkvilla.

Transitioning beyond acting, Richa and Ali embraced the role of producers with their acclaimed film, Girls Will Be Girls, recently showcased at the Sundance Film Festival. The offering received praise from both audiences and critics. The film, a captivating coming-of-age story, directed by debutant Shuchi Talati, garnered international acclaim, showcasing the power of diverse narratives.

Expressing their elation, the duo remarked, “We embarked on this journey with Girls Will Be Girls with courage and the overwhelming response at Sundance has been the stuff of dreams!  This experience reinforces our belief in the power of storytelling and the need to champion diverse narratives that resonate globally.” 

They furthered on, “As actors, we’ve always craved powerful stories but getting those opportunities wasn’t always in our hands. That’s why it’s heartening to see our new actors receiving this global acclaim. This recognition motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and telling new stories.”

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