Alabama woman with two uteruses welcomes twins on consecutive days

Kelsey Hatcher and her husband Caleb. Only 0.3% of women have a double uterus. — AFP
Kelsey Hatcher and her husband Caleb. Only 0.3% of women have a double uterus. — AFP

In a truly extraordinary occurrence, 32-year-old Kelsey Hatcher, diagnosed with uterus didelphys (double uterus) since the age of 17, has given birth to twin daughters on consecutive days at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) hospital. 

The rare pregnancy, described by doctors as “one-in-a-million,” resulted in the birth of Roxi Layla on Tuesday, followed by the arrival of Rebel Laken on Wednesday.

Hatcher, already a mother of three, faced a unique situation during her fourth pregnancy when doctors discovered an additional fetus forming in her left uterus during an ultrasound. 

With uterus didelphys being a rare uterine anomaly seen in only 0.3% of women, Hatcher’s case presented both challenges and wonders.

Despite the heightened risk of miscarriages associated with double uteruses, Hatcher’s pregnancy was deemed “routine,” requiring additional appointments and a comprehensive birth plan to account for all possible scenarios. 

The labour, induced at 39 weeks, demanded meticulous monitoring and charting due to the presence of two uteruses, doubling the involvement of hospital staff.

Hatcher’s 20-hour labour culminated in the vaginal birth of Roxi Layla, followed by a C-section the next day for the delivery of Rebel Laken.

Reflecting on the unique experience, Hatcher expressed gratitude for the support provided by UAB, emphasising the fulfilment of bringing two healthy baby girls into the world, each with their own distinctive birth story.

The remarkable event marks a testament to medical advancements and the resilience of a mother embracing the unexpected in her journey of childbirth.

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