Ahsan Khan makes a statement

As supporters across the world continue to rally for an end to Israeli aggression against Palestinians, protests are creatively harnessing every platform to underscore the urgent need to take action. Joining the global struggle for Palestine’s liberation, fashion designer Emraan Rajput’s latest showcase for men’s bridalwear became a statement of solidarity.

Walking the ramp in this year’s bridal couture week, Rajput’s models appeared in two cohorts, one wearing a traditional formal attire while the other flaunting dark and dapper suits, displaying the designer’s signature flair. However, the black and white keffiyehs donned by the models caught the eyes of spectators with pictures and videos of the event soon circulating on social media platforms.

The traditional Middle Eastern scarf has gained global recognition as a symbol of Palestinian nationalism and resistance over the past few decades. Since the recent intensification of Israel’s atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank after Hamas’ October 7 attack, many across the world are wearing keffiyehs to express their support for the Palestinian cause.

This transnational gesture of solidarity culminated with actor-model and show-stopper Ahsan Khan ruling the occasion in an impeccable black sherwani holding a big placard during his walk that reiterated the call for peace. “For every child, for every home. Peace for Palestine,” read Khan’s message. As the showcase concluded, Khan held up the placard, standing alongside actor-model Amna Ilyas and stylist Yaseer Dar.

On Sunday, Israel appeared to confirm that new negotiations were underway to recover hostages held by Hamas after a source said Israel’s intelligence chief met the prime minister of Qatar, a country mediating in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a press conference on Saturday the war in Gaza was existential and must be fought until victory. He said Gaza would be demilitarised and under Israeli security control.

Israel’s horrifying assault has killed close to 19,000 Palestinians and left thousands buried in the rubble. The brutal counter-offensive comes in the wake of a cross-border raid into Israel by Hamas that Israel’s revised estimates claim took 1,200 lives and captured 240 hostages.

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